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Playing on the brink, not beyond

ELEMENTS™ are amongst the most intriguing and charming of KOMPAN playgrounds. Curved and friendly, they’re both simple and intricate at the same time, and that is how it should be, because to young minds that’s what makes them irresistible. Colourful and visually mildly oblique, they are not physically daunting and once drawn in the children find activities to push themselves to new limits. New limits, but never beyond what they can achieve. ELEMENTS™ keep development within the child’s natural flow.

Elements™ come in three age-grouped series, Toddler, Grow and Go, each seeing a gentle increase in height and complexity as the target age groups move from under four, to under six to under twelve. In addition, there are two series for pre and school-aged children as well as ELEMENTS™ ESSENTIALS, the customised way of matching all the demands of a very broad age group, children from three to ten.

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    Pirate Ships

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    Frequently asked questions

    Pretty on day one, but do they fade and rust away?

    Built of panels and roofs with maximum UV stabilization the vitality of colours is sustained for a lifetime of play, as are the galvanized power coated support posts. There’s a 10-year spare parts guarantee.

    If a playground lasts a lifetime, can it become boring?

    One thing changes with a playground during its life - there are always waves upon waves of new users. However, the panel nature of the construction means that ELEMENTS™ playgrounds can be easily and economically ‘refreshed.’

    What is the design concept that created ELEMENTS™?

    The ELEMENTS™ range is the pinnacle of playgrounds for young kids. It is age-appropriate in terms of taking play up to, but never beyond, what is achievable, what experts label as ‘keeping the child in the flow.’ The physical design is comforting with curves not edges and surfaces welcoming and tactile.

    What they hold in common is that ELEMENTS™ encourage agility through opportunities to climb both inside and outside the structures and exciting ways to get from one level to another, like the fireman’s pole, nets, ladders and slides. Through all this motor skills and self-assurance are greatly enhanced. With washboards to strum on and peaky holes to look through, the child’s hands and head are fully engaged.

    For toddlers, the ELEMENTS™ range is an invitation to play, but more so an introduction to the skills of life. Creative play helps build language and communication skills, as well as encouraging and improving teamwork. When kids play, they develop games realizing that they have to work together to get the most out of them. Through fun children develop skills that will help them throughout their entire lives. To find out more about any of KOMPAN’s products or services, to open the door to the outside, get in touch today.