Spinner Disc

Children playing on playground carousel

Challenging rough and tumble play

The tilted Spinner Disc offers a uniquely thrilling spinning sensation. Children can lie, sit or stand - inviting them to play together across ages and levels of daredevil-ness.

Children playing on the KOMPAN Spinner Disc

An inclusive spinner

No matter your abilities, spinning is thrilling and fun. The Spinner Disc is designed to be easily accessible for children using wheelchairs and walkers, and when on the spinner, there is plenty room to lie down or sit together with a care taker.

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Hold on tight

The half sphere in the middle of the Spinner Disc is designed to give children a sense of security as they challenge themselves on the spinner.

Tilted design

To add an exhilarating level to spinning, the Spinner Disc is tilted at a 7 degree angle.

Children playing on playground carousel

Built to last

The ring is molded in one piece with integrated metal thread bushings and water drain holes to ensure high durability in all climates around the world.

A great creator of smiles


Why spinning equipment is so important

Spinning can look so simple, but the benefits of spinning are far from simple. One fact, we would dare to claim is that all playgrounds, parks and schoolyards should have minimum one spinning play item - it's fun for all ages and it is good for children's development.

Learn more in the whitepaper from our play experts in KOMPAN Play Institute.

Available in a greener version

The Spinner Disc is available in a more sustainable version where the ring is made of 34.3% recycled waste materials. We use household waste and worn-out fishing nets as waste sources.

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