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School-age children playing on a sustainable conscious play tower

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More sustainable MOMENTS of play

Our most beloved product range MOMENTS™ just got even better! The entire range is now available in a more sustainable version, where each product is made of over 60% post-consumer recycled materials.

Low carbon school-age playground tower


School-Age Towers

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Low Carbon - How?

texmade posts on playground tower made of textile waste

Posts of textile waste

The posts on the climbing structures set are made of textile waste. A new ground-breaking innovation in sustainably conscious playgrounds - we call it TexMade™. Texmade™ posts have a 60% lower carbon emission footprint compared to traditional steel posts.

girl climbing on a climbing wall of panels made of ocean waste

Panels made of ocean waste

The ocean green coloured panels on the climbing structures are made of 100% post-consumer ocean recycled waste and have a lower carbon emission footprint than traditional panels.

closeup of decks on a playground tower made of 75% ocean waste

A new standard for play tower decks

All decks on MOMENTS™ are 75% ocean recycled waste. That is fishing nets, ropes and trawls that's being reused into the decks you see on the play towers.

How the recycled materials are used in our playgrounds

Green - Texmade posts

Handpick your favourite designs

MOMENTS™ School-age towers are designed to provide age-appropriate play for school-age children. Simply handpick your favourite design and play activities to build a complete playground.

Choose between numerous flexibility options and pack your playground full of children's favourite play activities.

school-age children play on MOMENTS™ play tower on playground in Skara

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