Monkey Trails

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Like a Monkey Trail in the jungle

The Monkey Trails are loaded with multiple exciting play features that attract school aged children to come play. The longer they play on the trail, the better they get at mastering the activities. This opens up new play opportunities in the open-ended net structures.

Monkey Trails - Picture mix 1 - ID-4BA10666
Monkey Trails - Picture mix 1 - ID-4BA10666
Monkey Trails - Picture mix 1 - ID-4BA10666
Monkey Trails - Picture mix 4 - ID-4BA10666
Monkey Trails - Picture mix 5 - ID-4BA10666


Get in motion

The Monkey Trails offer children endless opportunities to get in motion and use and develop their mind and body skills.


The Monkey Trails offer a lot of flexibility, making it possible to choose between multiple colour options, as well as exchange and add activities.

The research behind

Tweens love playgrounds

Tweens and teens are fare too physically inactive, but research from KOMPAN Play Institute shows how you best motivate them in physical play activity in playgrounds and gives you four main motivators.

Climbing clever

Climbing can make us clever. It is an essential and fun developmental activity for children to strengthen motor skills and muscles. But climbing also connects body and mind. Understand how in this white paper.

Spin to think

New research shows that it isn't merely children's bodies and sense of balance that benefit from spinning. A great sense of balance affects their learning skills positively: a great sense of balance is closely connected to mathematical skills.

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