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Inspection, Maintenance, Repairs and Refurbishments

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We inspect, maintain, repair and refurbish any manufacturers’ equipment

Playground owners have a responsibility to the public to ensure their play areas are safe to use at all times. This includes multi-use games areas, skate parks, BMX tracks, parkour and outdoor gym equipment.

KOMPAN can help you ensure your areas are safe by producing a tailor-made inspection regime that is appropriate to your needs, we consider demographics, the age and type of equipment, and by combining your local knowledge with our industry expertise.

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EN1176 recommends 3 levels of inspection

Routine Visual Inspections

Looking for any acts of vandalism and obvious signs of damage is usually undertaken by your ground’s maintenance team, but KOMPAN can assist with providing site specific checklists.

Operational Inspections

This inspection checks for the functionality of all equipment including wear and structural safety. These should be completed periodically appropriate to the location and its use. The inspector undertaking these inspections must be RPII certified. KOMPAN can advise you on the most appropriate regime for you.

Annual Inspections

These take into consideration any previous maintenance work and repairs, wear and tear, vandalism, structural issues, compliance with EN 1176. These are in-depth and meticulous, covering all safety aspects of the play area.

The benefits of our services

Our industry expertise and knowledge of all manufacturers’ equipment means KOMPAN can provide on-site inspections, repairs, full refurbishments, and maintenance on any manufacturers’ equipment, even those who have ceased trading. No job is too big or too small and our team will provide advice and service quickly. Our uncomplicated find and fix service offers repairs completed during the inspection.


Control your costs


Provide a sound defence against personal injury claims


Reduce acts of vandalism


Ensure maximum availability of the equipment


Offer on-site repairs conducted during inspections


Fixed rates for specified repairs


KOMPAN offers a full regular maintenance service which includes supplying readily available parts and spares where required. We also offer a ‘Find and Fix’ service allowing for some works to be done on the same day as the initial inspection. We can also offer a quick response to any emergency works, especially where child safety is a priority.

Repairs and refurbishments

Wherever possible we offer the option to refurbish rather than replace; this reduces cost, is good for the environment – no uplift and disposal of hazardous waste and reduces and loss of availability. Following our detailed site survey, we will then propose a repair and refurbishment proposal. Unfortunately, not all items can be saved but where replace is the only option we will use products that meet your needs, and are sympathetic to the area, from our extensive product range. Our site team can quickly bring your area back to almost new standard quickly and professionally.

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