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3D playground & fitness visualization

Build your playground in augmented reality!

Our app, ImaginIt, allows you to effortlessly design and preview your dream playground or fitness area in stunning 3D. Select your desired equipment, point to the ground, and watch as the site materializes before your eyes in real time.

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How it works

From catalogue directly to website

To get more information about a product, you can either scan its product number or click directly through to your local KOMPAN website.

Place products

Select your preferred products and display them as 3D visualizations in your desired location.

Safety zones

By using safety zones, you can determine the maximum capacity of equipment that your space can accommodate .

Change colours

Try experimenting with different colours to find the best fit for your surroundings.

Ready-made solutions

Do you want a complete fitness site, select one of our ready-made solutions to preview how it will look at your site.

Want to know more about playground planning?

design drawings of playground planning

How to Plan a Playground

Children playing with a KOMPAN play panel. The panel has 9 blocks which can be spun to reveal different patterns. The play product is ground level which makes it more accessible. Browse our playground planning resources for helpful site planning tips.

How Much does Building a Playground Cost?

Commercial playground installation workers installing a wooden playground. The sky is blue with white clouds. There is a crane in the background. For playground planning advice, check out our helpful playground planning resources.

How to Install a Playground

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