The Mountain Trekker

'Besides looking really nice and refreshingly new, the Mountain Trekker can be configured in many different ways, both in terms of size and in terms of play activities ...'

Play Designer, KOMPAN Design Studio

The Mountain Trekker - LARGE

An awesome play trail for any environment

The fact that the activities of the Mountain Trekker are arranged along a long row creates a fun obstacle course of climbing nets, membranes and bridges with the thrilling Cliff Rider in the centre. An enormous amount of play activities are added at ground level with many more fun activities, like the hanging pod, the banister bar, swaying sturdy drops, optic panels, coconut rope, visual plates, EPDM balls, play shells and much more. By adding a safety net on one side this product can also serve as space divider, and you only have to worry about the safety footprint to one side.

Max. fall height:


Total height:


Fall space dimensions:

2363x 869cm

Inspirational playgrounds from KOMPAN Design Studio are conceptual, and can serve as starting point for your specific play landmark. Our skilled designers at KOMPAN Design Studio can take any idea or concept and create an architectural gem for you.

The inspirational playground concept shown here is designed by KOMPAN Design Studio. The playground is completely customised, and therefore final designs and data will depend on regional safety standards.

The Mountain Trekker - LEFT
The Mountain Trekker - RIGHT

Turning themes, ideas and stories into playgrounds

KOMPAN Design Studio

For more than a decade, we have built tailor-made and highly unique playgrounds that WOW children and adults to come and play. The playgrounds come in all kinds of themes and can be moulded and thematised to your local area and community, or to fit a specific environment. Always loaded with the play activities we have developed over half a century. The play structures are made of highly durable and vandalism-resistant materials that make them last for decades to come. Also, they are safe and certifiable like all products we have built over the past 50 years.

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Loaded with play activities

Jumping over the mountain gorge

The cliff rider is an immensely thrilling attraction that glides children from one platform to the next. The spacious start and ending platforms allow for children to find the courage to try out, and for their friends to encourage and help. This makes it a training platform for not only motor skills, but also of important social-emotional skills.

Relaxing sway

The hanging pod is a swaying shelter and hugely attractive for children. Additionally they train social-emotional skills such as empathy.

Light and shadows

The optic panels have moiré visual effects when turned and moved. This fosters a sense of wonder that stimulates thinking skills.

Swaying balance

The coconut rope with overhead support rope creates a gently swaying ground-level balancing and meeting opportunity.

A bouncing cross-over

The bouncy, open membrane path offers an alternative way across the upper level, training the sense of balance and space.

A cozy moment

The double play shell creates a nice, gently swaying meeting point for a quiet break or a talk with friends. This stimulates social-emotional well-being.

Challenging climbs

The upper net layer creates a bouncy crawl and walk across the Mountain Trekker, training children’s balance and spatial awareness as they go.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to see this playground?

This playground is an inspirational playground designed by KOMPAN Design Studio. The playground has not been built, but is drafted for conceptual purpose to inspire you to make your special place come true.

Is it possible to make changes to this playground?

Yes! Because this playground is made as an inspirational design concept and hasn't been built, we are able to make changes to the design and to customise it to your specific needs.

Are there many play activities on this playground?

Yes! All our KOMPAN Design Studio inspirational playgrounds are loaded with play activities that develop body, mind and friendships.

This is our way of making sure that the children are wowed to come to the playground and play, are motivated to keep playing and come back again and again, and while playing develop physical, social, cognitive and creative life skills.

Is this playground inclusive?

Yes! Playgrounds should be inclusive and offer play for all, that’s the KOMPAN philosophy. We work with universal design to ensure that children of all abilities, including children with disabilities, can participate in the play and enjoy thrilling play.

Is this playground durable?

Yes! All KOMPAN playgrounds are built to withstand decades of weather and usage.

Our engineers carefully calculate the static strength of each playground structure, and our production uses only the highest quality materials. Fifty years of testing through play around the world has given us extensive knowledge on how to achieve extreme durability. This results in minimal downtime and a low total cost of ownership. For generations of children, this means endless hours of play.

Is this playground safe and certifiable?

Yes! All KOMPAN inspirational playground equipment is safe and certifiable - as is every product we have designed for more than 50 years.

At KOMPAN we have, since 1970, developed outdoor play equipment that stimulates and challenges children, with safety as the paramount consideration. Every part of the design, engineering, production and construction process is geared to ingrain safety into the final products that are certifiable by TÜV.

How to install a playground like this?

At KOMPAN we turn ideas into reality - all the way from defining the playground concept until the playground is installed.

Building a playground is not child’s play. It is a major construction. From clearing the area for foundations to finishing off the site, it involves heavy equipment, extensive materials, complex products and expert knowledge. All these factors must be precisely coordinated to avoid delays. Our expert teams have done it many times and are happy to take this load off your shoulders.

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