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Geispolsheim Sports Centre

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Man jumping on stepping pods at outdoor obstacle course at Geispolsheim Sports Centre

Uniting a community

The large fitness site in Geispolsheim, France, has physical activities for all ages, from teenagers to seniors. A healthy community needs a healthy heart, and that is what the new fitness site in Geispolsheim is, a place where people can meet, develop and workout, together. The open layout of the site makes it perfect for both group, as well as solo workouts. The site is an extension of the local sports centre and is used by the centre’s associations, as well as the entire community. The new fitness area is placed along the trail Vitaboucle. The different Vitaboucle trails go through Strasbourg and the municipalities of Eurometropolis and totals 182 km. The trails are used for walking, running, and cycling. When using the trails, one can stop by and do a workout beforehand or maybe some streching afterwards.

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This sports center is a place, where we can really create social relations. With this new fitness area, we wanted to add new equipment, so the sports center would be attractive for all generations.

Sébastien Zaegel - Mayor of Geispolsheim

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Fit for all

With 600 square meters of outdoor fitness area to romp on, there is something for everybody. The new fitness area offers functional training stations, a cardio circuit, obstacle course equipment and a street-workout area. The different physical activities make the site accessible to people of all fitness levels. The large fitness site makes it possible to train every aspect of the body. The cardio solution invites users for an individual and effective training session. Due to the equipment, users can easily adjust the training intensity to fit their own fitness level. Training on outdoor cardio equipment enhances cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. The site's cross-training area is ideal for both individual and group exercises. Due to the smart, scalable equipment, users can participate at their own level. The obstacle course and street workout area can be used independently or in combination with the cardio and cross-training circuits. By using some of the different outdoor fitness equipment, you get a very effective form of exercise that combines the best activities of various sports, resulting in a diverse and complete training session.

Joy of movement: motor skills, muscle, cardio and bone density
Joy of being together: teamwork, tolerance and sense of belonging

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