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Outdoor gym in the middle of the forest

How do you make an outdoor fitness site accessible for all visitors? At Kypegården in Sweden, an outdoor gym was added near the parking lot to make it accessible. It can serve as a final stop after a hike or as the main destination for the outing. The site is used by all visitors, from young people to seniors, and the outdoor gym equipment makes it safe and comfortable for people with visual or physical impairments to train as well. Kypegården wanted the activity site to blend in with the surrounding nature, making it look appealing to visitors and attracting them with equipment recognisable from indoor gyms.

This outdoor gym is for everyone in Borås. All ages, genders and abilities.

Helena Ahlstedt, Development Manager - Leisure & Public Health Administration, Borås City

Effective full-body workout

What makes the outdoor strength training machines easy to use is the adjustability of the weight and the seats, which mimics the techniques from indoor fitness machines. The handles accommodate different heights, and each machine has a sign with instructions on how to use them easily. The site offers users an effective full-body workout, as the seven machines cover all major muscle groups. The pull-down, chest press, horizontal row and shoulder press cover all angles of pushing and pulling for the upper body. The leg press is effective for the big muscles in the lower body, and the sit-up and lower back bench activate the core and back of the user. Used together, you will experience a workout close to what you know from the indoors, but with the benefit of the sun and fresh outdoor air.

Joy of movement: motor skills, muscle, cardio and bone density
Joy of being together: teamwork, tolerance and sense of belonging

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