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How to Plan an Outdoor Fitness Site

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6-Step Outdoor Fitness Site Planning

Outdoor gyms have become a global trend. To help you plan the best outdoor fitness site, we have created a step-by-step checklist that will prompt your thinking process and guide you in the right direction on building a fitness site that users want to return to.

Here are six things to consider when planning a public outdoor activity area:

  1. Users and Target Audience

  2. Choosing a Location

  3. Site Design

  4. Type of Commercial Fitness Equipment

  5. Maintenance and support options

  6. Budget

Outlining an outdoor gym takes thorough planning. During the planning parties involved decide upon users, design, the purpose of the fitness site, equipment type, support options and maintenance. A thorough planning checklist is the best starting point when planning a public outdoor fitness gym.

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Step 1. Users and Target Audience

Knowing your target audience and the user group is imperative when planning your outdoor fitness station. Many outdoor fitness parks are created for the fit and young without considering the entire community. To gain genuine health benefits in your community, you need to consider the following members of your community, too:

  • The inactive

  • People with diseases or disabilities

  • Seniors

  • All genders

Everyone benefits from outdoor exercise and being active. User consideration is one of the most essential factors when designing an outdoor gym, as your chosen target audience impacts the choice of location and site design.

People working out at an outdoor fitness area, using outdoor strength and cardio machines

Step 2. Choosing a Location

How to build an outdoor gym is also very much down to location. Make sure to spend time researching your designated location. Here are some of our guidelines when choosing the perfect place

The best place to build your new public outdoor gym park is within walking distance of:

  • Car Parking

  • Commercial Zones

  • Public Transport

  • Bicycle Parking

  • Adequate Lighting

Providing a wheelchair-friendly space with a seamless transfer ensures accessibility for users of all ages and abilities. You may have the perfect location for your project in an urban area, and that is fine; make sure to add green elements or fixtures nearby your site. The positive effect of green spaces is a scientific fact substantiated by research within the Fitness Industry*.

*Source: Urban Green Spaces and Health

Outdoor fitness site with cross training system in France

Step 3. Site Design

Once you have your target audience and site location, the outdoor gym design process begins. This step is where you consider the layout of your fitness park. We highly recommend that you focus on explicit routing and zoning, enabling easy manoeuvring around the facility. Place your zones together in one place rather than scattered around the park. Relocating to another zone in a different corner of the park to do a part of your exercise routine is inefficient—one site, one main attraction.

The size of space and budget go hand in hand. Still, you cannot always accommodate everyone, and sometimes lowering your ambition is the key to a successful fitness site, e.g., focusing on one activity or user group.

Our fitness experts are here to help and guide you with the site design and the type of equipment needed to outfit your project.

Step 4. Purpose and Type of Commercial Fitness Equipment

Next is choosing the right exercise equipment for your intended space and users. Consider these three main categories of fitness equipment according to your specific purpose:

  1. Youth/Fit

  2. Fitness for all abilities

  3. Seniors/Rehabilitation

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1. Fitness for the Young and Fit

Accommodating for the younger fit generation, you may consider bars and benches and bodyweight-focused equipment designed to support a wide range of exercises such as pull-ups, triceps dips or callisthenics.

At this point, KOMPAN is the only supplier with adjustable fitness equipment that matches indoor fitness equipment's quality and functionality.

Man in wheelchair using an inclusive outdoor gym

2. Fitness for all Abilities

If you decide to design a commercial space that accommodates fitness for all ages and abilities, adjustable cardio fitness equipment with scaling and adjustable resistance, and selectorized strength is the way to move forward. In this case, focus on body type and skills-neutral equipment that help the user exercise at their level. This type of equipment is fit for multiple users of all sizes and abilities with ergonomic multi-handles and an adaptive design in which the product guides the activity.

Senior training mobility and balance on outdoor fitness equipment for seniors

3. Fitness for Seniors

A more commercial senior-specific fitness zone should focus on balance, mobility, and functional strength exercises, as these are the best fall-preventing exercises. The best practice for preventing lifestyle diseases is a combination of cardio training, strength, and fall-preventing exercises, preferably performed in motivating surroundings and groups with like-minded persons. The purpose of your commercial outdoor fitness site ultimately changes according to the user group. A hospital, for instance, has a different purpose, such as rehabilitation for its outdoor fitness site.

Step 5. Maintenance and Support options

KOMPAN outdoor fitness equipment is high-end equipment comparable to indoor fitness equipment. The equipment is made from powder-coated galvanized steel; the galvanized finish enables weather and rust resistance allowing for outdoor use all year round in all types of weather, and is almost maintenance-free.

The KOMPAN outdoor fitness equipment is not only fully comparable with indoor fitness equipment but also much better. Due to its sturdy steel construction with thick welding and enforced bolts and nuts, it is explicitly made for use and abuse.

Support options At KOMPAN, we are here to help you in the planning phase and the start-up of your finished outdoor fitness site. Please reach out to your local sales rep for more information.

KOMPAN Fitness Institute discussing design with users

Step 6. Budget

Everyone can place fitness equipment in an outdoor activity area. Making the site attractive is the key to a successful site. The more attractive a site, the larger budget. At KOMPAN, we deliver fitness sites on any budget and on both ends of the spectrum. However, we consider an outdoor fitness park an investment, and budget and value go hand in hand. We also believe a large investment is worthwhile, especially if you wish to create a space for a large group of users.

Your budget should also accommodate the actual installation. Don't hesitate to get in touch with your local KOMPAN sales office for more information on the installation process.

Workers installing KOMPAN outdoor fitness equipment

Best Practice: Stuy Town fitness Park

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an outdoor gym?

A KOMPAN outdoor gym is the same as an indoor gym. That means the fitness equipment in an ordinary fitness centre is adapted for permanent outdoor use. KOMPAN Fitness equipment is made from powder-coated galvanised steel, which ensures durability and longevity in all weather conditions.

What to consider when planning an outdoor gym?

The most important factors to consider when figuring out how to build and plan an outdoor gym are user group, location, and site design. Find more inspiration at the top of this page.

How to build an outdoor gym

When you are ready to take action in terms of planning, please contact the local KOMPAN sales office for help and guidance and start learning about the different steps of building and installing an outdoor gym.

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