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School playground equipment for primary schools

Engage your students and empower them with our tailor-made primary school playground equipment.

A primary school playground is much more than just a place where students spend their recess time. Primary school playground elements need to be of such high quality that they engage children and make school much more enjoyable. This increases attention, interest, and desire to go to school. Every school needs an exceptional playground, so we have primary school playground equipment for various play activities.

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The best playground equipment for primary schools

Our primary school playground equipment offers the perfect combination of sensory, physical, cognitive-creative, and social stimulation, making it highly versatile and helpful in education and play.

Our range of primary school playground equipment covers all play activities. To create a fun playground for your primary school, look at the typical favourites of school students.

They tend to be:

Are you looking to create a playground for toddlers? Please read about our preschool play equipment or our playground planning checklist for more information on planning the best toddler playground.

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Make the playground a part of the learning space

Transforming a typical primary school playground into an engaging educational learning space is an excellent opportunity to complement the indoor classrooms. Incorporating innovative primary school playground equipment can create an enriching educational playground that fosters creativity, physical development, and cognitive growth.

KOMPAN prioritise the development of an educational playground that provides fun and excitement and is a valuable resource for active learning.

Creating an outdoor learning space gives you the following:

  • Extra teaching space

  • Variety in your teaching style

  • Allows students to spend more time outdoors

"We want active play and active learning. In fact, we consider these playgrounds as outdoor learning spaces."

Orton Varona - President, North Tampa Christian Academy

Primary school playground equipment derived from research and user participation

All grades benefit from KOMPAN's primary school playground equipment. Like all KOMPAN products, it is developed in collaboration between our product developers and our experts in child development and play at the KOMPAN Play Institute. This is to ensure high safety and quality standards and that children develop when playing.

To ensure that our primary school playground equipment develops and attracts children, the KOMPAN Play Institute works to answer the following questions:

  • What is an excellent primary school playground for children?

  • What encourages children to play, stay and return to the playground repeatedly?

  • What designs and patterns inspire children to play and develop physically, socio-emotionally, and cognitively creatively?

You can see all the play research here if you want to know more about their work.

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Top choices for primary schools playground equipment

Encourage healthy competition, group play, and physical growth with these brilliant playground equipment for primary schools
Agility Trail 6

Agility Trail 6


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