Design idea

Destination Area

An Active Neighbourhood Attracting Citizens

An action-packed area where everyone can work on an active lifestyle. Like the indoor health centres, this outdoor gym is divided into different areas, tailoring multiple exercise options. By combining it with a big playground, it becomes a destination area and brings the neighbourhood together. Here is a great mix of areas with equipment that is easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of knowledge about training.

This attracts people who want to have an effective outdoor training by themselves. he outdoor callisthenics equipment and functional training stations offer exciting structures to encourage fun and challenging training, whereas the outdoor strength training machines and outdoor cardio equipment provide a more 'traditional' gym experience.

When creating an area of this size, it’s important to leave open spaces. Here, these are provided by a running track with obstacle course equipment, and a group training area that can be used for a wide variety of activities such as warm-up, yoga and bootcamp classes. A perfect area for bringing the neighbourhood together.


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