Village Tower with Slide

Impressive amounts of play in little space: The Village Tower with Slide inspires young children to play actively again and again. The inclined climber access provides an age-appropriate challenge to strengthen muscles and help develop cross-coordination. This enhances the cross-modal perception which again is fundamental for instance for reading skills. But thrill is everything in playground play: from the platform, a great slide or a wild fireman’s pole lead back to ground level. Sliding is immensely thrilling. It also supports posture and balance, which are fundamental for other physical skills. The Fireman’s pole stimulates risk-taking and trains upper body muscles as children hold tight when whizzing down to the ground. The slide and fireman’s pole additionally build turn-taking and negotiation skills. On ground level, a nice space with play table invites meetings and conversations. This is a great asset which enhances the number of players and adds the possibility to socialize and build friendships.