Quartet Seesaw

The quartet seesaw motivates young children to join in with play, rocking together. The classic KOMPAN design attracts children of all ages, and with four different seating options, encourages various body positions in rocking. The sturdy hand and foot supports allow for mild or wild rocking! The spring base makes it possible for different age ranges, including adults, to rock together. Those who don't ride can sense the movements when seated on the side planks. There is room enough for a care giver, too. The seats at the end are big enough for older children as well as adults, and the thrill of rocking, individually or in pairs or groups, will make children play for longer. Playing on the Quartet Seesaw trains children's muscles and motor skills, e.g. balance and coordination. The Quartet Seesaw also supports the development of social-emotional skills such as cooperation, consideration of others and turn-taking.