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Comfortable meeting points for school-age children

As children grow older, they become more and more interested in social play and social interaction. Hence, comfortable meeting point solutions should be a part of any school playground.

Children can meet in larger groups and have room to play around or just choose to have a quiet meeting with a friend. Whatever they choose, they can either rest on a sturdy bench with a back rest or lie down on a soft, swaying hammock.

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Supernova, giostre e giochi di rotazione

boys playing on a playground spring rider in a park

Giochi a molla

children in kindergarten playing with sand and water playground equipment

Sabbiere e giochi con acqua

Children playing on themed playground equipment shaped like a car

Casette gioco

toddler swinging on playground swing for toddlers

Giochi per prima infanzia

children playing in a kindergarten on a toddler station mimicking a greenhouse

Totem per aree sorvegliate

two boys playing music on inclusive playground panel at a park

Pannelli ludico – didattici

children playing on playground equipment that trains balance

Giochi d'Equilibrio & Arrampicata

boy playing and laughing on a playground cableway in a public park


girl jumping on playground trampoline at a park


Twisting Nets

Meeting Points & Accessories

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