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Customisable signage

With the KOMPAN signage concept, it's possible to create customisable signs for all kinds of outdoor activity areas.

Signs are an important way to make relevant and prescribed information available for the users of private or public areas. E.g. general or practical information or instructions about the use of a playground, opening hours, ideal user/age groups, sponsors, contact information etc.

KOMPAN's customisable signage concept is flexible in the use of text, signs and symbols to communicate a message.

Selected products are available in GreenLine versions, with low carbon emission, made mainly from post-consumer and ocean waste.

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Supernova, giostre e giochi di rotazione

boys playing on a playground spring rider in a park

Giochi a molla

children in kindergarten playing with sand and water playground equipment

Sabbiere e giochi con acqua

Children playing on themed playground equipment shaped like a car

Casette gioco

toddler swinging on playground swing for toddlers

Giochi per prima infanzia

children playing in a kindergarten on a toddler station mimicking a greenhouse

Totem per aree sorvegliate

two boys playing music on inclusive playground panel at a park

Pannelli ludico – didattici

children playing on playground equipment that trains balance

Giochi d'Equilibrio & Arrampicata

boy playing and laughing on a playground cableway in a public park


girl jumping on playground trampoline at a park


Twisting Nets

Meeting Points & Accessories

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