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Active Boardwalk

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design concept of outdoor cardio machines and cross training by a boardwalk

Creating attractive outdoor spaces

The elegant, curved structures fit perfectly into any environment, be it boulevards, promenades, parks or on top of a skyscraper. This solution requires little safety surfacing and can blend in to any natural setting. The exclusive design and organic shapes invite and attract people to come and exercise. And the fact that there is something for everyone makes it motivating for users of all ages and abilities.

The bikes motivate people who are out for a stroll to sit down and get started! While they are enjoying the view, they can get their daily dose of outdoor cardio training. Strength can be improved by using the magnetic bells, starting with low weights for beginners and the heavier weights when looking for a challenge. The training value is huge, and countless exercise variations can be made in the outdoor training station. It is a perfect solution for a small space with XL ambitions. Big enough for a complete sports team or a school class, this solution will fit anywhere.


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City Bike PRO Schermo Tattile

City Bike PRO Schermo Tattile


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