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5 tips to an efficient cardio workout

How to get an efficient cardio workout

The KOMPAN Fitness Bike allows you to exercise with a very wide range of workloads.

The bike makes it easy to do very quick changes to the workload – either by changing pedaling speed or by changing the effort level. This makes the bike perfectly suited for scientifically-proven efficient training methods leading to ways of training that require less time and are more fun.

Warm Up

Always warm up for about 5 minutes. Choose a workload that is not to hard, but still challenging enough to raise your rate of breathing and increase your body temperature.

White Paper

5 tips to an efficient cardio workout

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5 tips for an efficient cardio workout

5 tips for an efficient cardio workout

#1 - 10-second intervals

  • Sprint for 10 seconds as fast as you can.

  • Then pedal for 50 seconds at a very easy pace.

  • Repeat 10 times.

Note that the 10 second sprint must be an all-out effort.

Total duration: 15 minutes.

#2 - 30-second intervals

  • Bike at a very high workload for 30 seconds. The workload must be at your maximum for the full 30 seconds.

  • Then pedal at an easy pace for 1.5 minutes.

  • Repeat 8 times.

Total duration: 21 minutes.

#3 - 1-minute intervals

  • Bike at a relatively hard pace for 1 minute. The pace must be hard enough for your breathing to be markedly increased by the end of the minute.

  • Then go slow for another minute.

  • Repeat this 8 times.

Total duration: 21 minutes.

#4 - 3-minute intervals

  • Bike at a moderately hard pace for 3 minutes. You should be just above “the talk threshold”, which means that longer sentences will be noticeably disrupted by breathing.

  • Then go 2 minutes at an easy pace.

  • Repeat this four times.

Total duration: 25 minutes.

#5 - continuous exercise

  • Find the highest workload you can maintain for the entire exercise period.

  • Do a total of 20 minutes after the warm-up. 

Total duration: 25 minutes.

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