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Early Climbing

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Children's playground climbing equipment

Climbing is fun and an essential skill for a child to master, especially in the younger years. The Early Climbing products are the younger children's first step into the three-dimensional universe of rope play, and our Early Climbing range is targeted mainly at children of 3 to 6 years.

Climbing rope for toddlers is adjusted to support kids' development on multiple levels. Toddler climbing equipment helps develop the child's cross-coordination skills, stimulating both hemispheres in the child's brain, thus helping the child how to read. The thickness of the ropes is adjusted to the size of their little hands, and the mesh size of the climbing steps is made to fit itsy-bitsy steps. Whether for toddlers or pre-schoolers, children's playground climbing equipment is always thrilling and so much fun.

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    Benefits of Early Climbing

    A climbing playground for small kids has multiple benefits for the developing child. Climbing can help develop physical strength, focus, concentration, and gross motor skills. Problem-solving skills, enhancement of self-esteem and confidence are also among the benefits of climbing as a sense of achievement when overcoming the thrilling climb to the top boosts an "I can do it attitude".

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