The Saturn 4 Carousel

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Spinning fun with friends

When children jump on the Saturn 4 Carousel they are in for a thrilling, social, and head-spinning joyride. It can be wild, it can be dizzying, but it can also be calm and a great place to hang out with friends on the playground.


Sit, stand or hang

There are many ways to play on the Saturn 4 Carousel. Children can choose to stay seated, stand on the seat or hang from the top handles.

Hold on tight

The top handles encourage children to test their strength and body awareness. The handles are ergonomically correct to provide a solid grip while hanging.

Heavy duty rope

The rope used is the highly durable Corocord Hercules rope with six-stranded steel wires and a steel wire core. On the outside, it has an ergonomic handhold to provide a good grip.


Saturn 4 Carousel

Built to get children outdoors

The need for children playing together in the outdoors has never been greater. The Saturn 4 Carousel has room for 4 children to spin at a time, but more children can be included in the fun from the ground by interacting with and pushing and pulling their friends.

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