Rhombus Twister

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A play magnet to get children active in the schoolyard

The Rhombus Twister has a unique shape that attracts children to jump on and try to climb to the top of this rotating tower of fun.


Exclusive hangout

The top creates an exclusive hangout spot.

Pushing and pulling

The rings create play both inside and outside of the twister and makes it easier to push and pull it into motion.

Play magnet

The Twister is a play magnet for the older children, with its large capacity.


Rhombus Twister

Head spinning fun for older children

The Rhombus Twister combines three of children's all time favorites: rotation, climbing, and playing wildly with friends. The Rhombus Twister is designed to attract older kids and get them to play and be active. It's the perfect space-efficient play element for any schoolyard or playground that's limited on size.

The rhombus twister is a fantastic play event for the older children, they love the combination of climbing and rotating.

Jeanette Fich Jespersen, Head of KOMPAN Play Institute

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