Play Timer

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Time to play

Add the element of competition to children’s play and increase their play intensity and, of course, fun. Using a timer allows children to compete against their friends, which takes play from being fun to being wildly thrilling, especially for older kids. 


Ready, set, go

Nothing can boost the activity level amongst school agers like competition. Set the timer and go...

Reduce conflicts

The Play Timer has 1 timer and 4 count downs that help facilitate turn taking and reduce conflicts.

Low energy consumption

The Timers uses an LCD display for a low energy consumption. It is powered by 8 replaceable AA batteries with a lifespan of more than 2 years.


Play Timer

Facilitates turn-taking

For the younger children, the Play Timer also has a guiding functionality. The different intervals and timer help facilitate turn-taking, which is especially helpful in unsupervised areas or in areas where multiple children play simultaneously.

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