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The more thrilling playground

Research into thrilling play - informed by older children

Older children both love and need thrilling play in their development. But what is thrilling for them?

Who better to answer that question, than the children themselves. 

In this research done by KOMPAN Play Institute , older children have been asked what thrilling play is for them. The KOMPAN Cliff Rider is a result of the children's input. Truly thrilling, coming straight from the children.   

White paper

The more thrilling playground

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7 considerations

7 considerations for thrilling playgrounds

  1. Offer wildly thrilling play for all through graduated physical play (e.g. ground level activities)

  2. Responsive, physical play equipment is wildly thrilling (e.g. bouncing, swinging, spinning)

  3. Height is wildly thrilling (e.g. towers, nets, bridges, Cliff Rider)

  4. Speed is wildly thrilling (e.g. slides, Supernovas8 and other spinners, Track Riders).

  5. Meandering and the feeling of getting lost (hide-and-seek types) are thrilling (e.g. labyrinths)

  6. Water is thrilling (jumping from rock to rock in water, not falling into water)

  7. Time pressure games or competitions are thrilling

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