How Much Does It Cost to Build an Outdoor Gym?

outdoor gym in germany with multiple calisthenics equipment

How to break down the cost of an outdoor gym

To understand the overall cost of a public outdoor gym from start to finish, we have calculated all the costs involved in outdoor commercial fitness projects. From experience, we know that an overall budget for building an outdoor gym suitable for all ages and abilities can be broken down into five main categories. These are the five general factors influencing the cost of building an outdoor fitness site:

  • Outdoor Fitness Equipment 60%

  • Safety Surfacing 20%

  • Site Amenities 0-10%

  • Shipping 10%

  • Installation 10%

It is important to consider each of the above when planning and designing your outdoor gym.

Our design team have years of experience in designing fitness areas and can help you with budgets and costings. It might also be helpful to visit some local sites to see what can be installed for your budget. Some outdoor gym sites to visit in Ireland include Mungret Park, Limerick, Coultry Park, Dublin and Ferrybank Park, Kilkenny - visiting sites can help you learn more about the equipment and decide what best suits your users.

How much does outdoor fitness equipment cost?

The cost of your public outdoor fitness area depends on your design - custom-built, number of exercises catered for, size and site amenities. Without exercise equipment or machines – there is no outdoor gym.

We believe that high-quality materials are the means to create fitness sites that will withstand the test of time. The materials used will impact the cost.

In areas with high wear and tear and an increased risk of vandalism, exercise machines made of steel and high-density polyethene will reduce your maintenance costs significantly.

Wooden outdoor gym equipment, made from Robinia, will keep the maintenance costs low and will help create an outdoor area that suits any environment.

Need help designing your gym?

How do you budget for an outdoor gym?

Let's look into the considerations that will impact your budget:
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1. Outdoor gym design and layout

The design phase connects all the elements of the build; the more complex the design solution, the higher the cost. Ensure ample space is available around the equipment to avoid injuries and clear paths between equipment. We always recommend engaging your local community in the design phase. It will take a little longer, but it ensures that your outdoor gym meets the user's needs.

three men doing push ups on outdoor fitness equipment in wood

2. Outdoor gym equipment

Will you start from scratch or is it a refurbishment of an existing exercise area? Do you need to install outdoor furniture? This is where you decide on the right exercise equipment, which can drive the cost up or down. Are you building an outdoor fitness park for seniors or are you catering for young adults who are active gym users or a community space suitable for all ages and abilities. Would an outdoor obstacle course for adults suit your requirements? Understanding the purpose of the site is important at this stage as it will help define your equipment choices.

outdoor gym with various calisthenics equipment

3. Shipping costs

It is important to consider the delivery cost of your equipment - this is a cost that will vary depending on the weight of your equipment and distance to site but it will always have to be included in your budget.

KOMPAN ship equipment worldwide and our equipment will be safely packaged to ensure the safe delivery to your site so it can be used for many years to come.

How do you budget for an outdoor gym?

4. Landscaping

Not all outdoor gym installations will be installed on prepared sites - sometimes extensive landscaping and site preparation is required along with removal of existing equipment. If landscaping and removal of existing equipment is required this has to be factored in to your budget.

If you plan to keep existing equipment a comprehensive site survey and inspection of these units should be done to ensure they are safe to use.

Our experienced sales managers can meet with you on site to talk you through your options and discuss equipment selection. Contact our Galway office to arrange a meeting. Following this meeting our in-house design team will provide quotes and plans for your outdoor fitness area.

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5. Surfacing

Surfacing makes up a significant part of your budget. Your equipment choices will affect your surfacing depth and type and you should consider inclusivity and accessibility when choosing your surfacing. It is also important to consider future maintenance of your surfacing as this could also drive up your budget.

Wetpour rubber surfacing is available in many colours and images can be included in the surfacing to form trails which help increase the activities available in your outdoor fitness area. Wetpour surfacing is a low maintenance accessible surface which is important in creating inclusive outdoor areas.

outdoor gym with obstacle course and fitness stations

6. Site amenities

When planning and designing your outdoor gym it is important to consider site amenities such as outdoor furniture and bins to help keep the area clean and tidy. A commercial outdoor gym needs to provide amenities that will encourage users to visit and stay in the area. Often outdoor gym areas become meeting points and places to exercise with friends so are important hubs in the community.

two men installing an outdoor gym

7. Construction and Fitness site installation

You have different options for construction and installation, depending on the complexity of your outdoor fitness site. Working with separate companies can add to the cost of your site, whereas working with KOMPAN as your only supplier can reduce the overall cost.

Why not visit our installation page to read and learn more about a full-service installation from KOMPAN Ireland - we have our own in-house installation team who have years of experience installing commercial outdoor gyms.

How do you budget for an outdoor gym?

8. Inspections and maintenance

Our KOMPAN maintenance teams have years of experience with inspections, installation and after-service and are fully trained to the highest standards. At KOMPAN Ireland we offer different maintenance and inspection contracts depending on your needs - this cost should be considered when planning your outdoor gym area.

To get more information on our maintenance packages contact our Galway office or email [email protected]

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Why do outdoor gyms cost so much?

As a general rule of thumb, outdoor exercise equipment takes up around 50-60% of your budget. The rest of your budget will contribute to services related to the actual build, installation cost and shipping. When researching and planning your area you need to ensure all equipment meets European Standards for outdoor gym equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build an outdoor fitness centre?

It is hard to put an exact figure on the cost as it varies from site to site - our guidelines above will help you plan and budget for each associated cost.

What affects the price of outdoor gym equipment?

Material choices and how many units you plan on installing will affect your price - it is also important to include delivery costs as these will have to be considered for both equipment and surfacing.

What to consider when budgeting for an outdoor gym area?

You must consider equipment and safety surfacing costs including installation of both, delivery and landscaping as part of the overall budget.

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