Outdoor Play Timer

The Play Timer attracts children of all ages immensely with its count-down sounds and its timer push-buttons. The mere fact that you can measure your efforts and measure them up against your friends’ is a play asset that makes children use the Play Timer over and over, and return for more. In the development of the Play Timer, KOMPAN, built on KOMPAN Play Institutes' research of thrilling play, stating that racing against time was a huge thrill-factor for older children. Apart from its joyful and playful time-taking of how far you get and who gets there first, the Play Timer also functions as a practical turn-taking assistant, timing durations of 10 or 30 seconds, as well as 2 or 5 minutes. This is the playful – and to teachers effortless – way to make children turn-take without conflicts. The Play Timer increases the intensity of play, it increases cooperation and helps children pay attention to each other.