Little Hen's House

The Little Hen’s House is a dense, activity-packed ground level accessible play unit that offers a richness of home-themed play that attracts and excites toddlers again and again. Rich tactile features greatly increase play value and support emerging dramatic play in the toddlers. The scale of the Little Hen’s House is perfectly shaped for toddlers, and the desk adds to the overall playability of the house from inside and outside. The two-sided play panel with yellow scoops that move along grooves encourages play that stimulates theory of mind and logical thinking skills. The window with curtain invites social cooperation between inside and outside, supporting turn-taking and cooperation skills and not least inviting peek-a-boo games that support the understanding of object permanence: that things do not cease to exist when they are out of sight. Dramatic play supports language skills, and this unit welcomes the first try-outs of dramatic play with its many details and fun corners. Thrilling sliding is invited with a friendly loop between the access platform and slide mouth. The inclined climbing wall on the other side adds varied access and supports cross-coordination which is key to physical as well as cognitive development at this age.