Combi 5 Robinia

With 10 different workout stations in one, this combination package offers a superior street workout and calisthenics experience. Featuring all the essential elements for users to release their creativity, the dimensions of the pull-up bars have been optimized to 32mm for the best possible hand grip. The strength of the bar is secured through a conical design and a full steel bar. The 138cm wide pull-up bars are designed to give plenty of space to dynamic exercises and promote sideways exercises such as the typewriter pull-up. The wide bars also allow for users to do pull-ups next to each other and thereby compete or motivate each other. The Robinia bars are made from de-barked and sap-free Robinia trunks in various dimensions. Robinia is a native European wood species with high strength and natural durability in various climatic conditions. KOMPAN uses wood from FSC-certified sources.