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A playground that honors history

The Scottish town of Grangemouth wanted a themed playground that would honor the proud history of the first-ever steamship, the Charlotte Dundas. They had an important wish: the playground needed to be fully inclusive to serve all children in the area while still creating a meaningful monument for the community. KOMPAN proposed building a customized full-size replica of the Charlotte Dundas as a play-ship with a focus on realistic equipment and inclusive features. The new playground has proven to be a huge success, and the local community, including elementary and high schools, frequently visits the playground. Because of the uniqueness of the playground, people, and tourists from outside the district also visit the playground to get a view of the Charlotte Dundas replica.

Zetland Park - Charlotte Dundas ship - Drawing
It has been fantastic to see so many families and young people enjoy this new facility, and feedback from users has been really positive. We know that this play area will be enjoyed by generations of parks users to come.

Allana Hughes, Zetland Park Project Officer, Falkirk Council

Zetland Park - Kids playing on ship
Zetland Park side ship
Zetland Park - Kids on a swing
Zetland Park - Wheel - Rudder
Zetland Park - Kids playing next to Charlotte Dundas
Zetland Park - Supernova next to ship

A playground with wow-factor

The Charlotte Dundas WOWs the children with its realistic design and size! It is built with different features to make it as realistic as possible which encourages the children to engage in hours of role play. For example, the ship is equipped with a steering wheel and a telescope, and if you shout “Man overboard” you better hurry down the slide to get them safely onboard the Charlotte Dundas again. To meet the requirement of an inclusive design, both climbing nets and a ramp lead up to the deck. To make it even more fun, the fastest way from one side of the ship to another is by crossing a wobbly climbing net, which challenges the children’s balance, coordination, and physique.

Freude an Bewegung: Motorik, Muskeln, Kardio und Knochendichte
Freude an Bewegung: Neugierde, Verständnis für kausale Zusammenhänge und Allgemeinwissen
Freude an Bewegung: Teamwork, Toleranz und Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl
Freude an Bewegung: Gemeinsames Gestalten und Experimentieren mit Materialien

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