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Egeskov Castle

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Culture, history and family fun

On the island of Funen lies Europe's best preserved moat castle, Egeskov. This cultural institution has managed to become a popular attraction for families with children by mixing the unique cultural attraction with play activities for the entire family.  

Over the years, the count of Egeskov has invested in play equipment in order to make the castle grounds inviting for families with children. The count created the popular Play Forest. A large, green park area with an array of equipment from KOMPAN. The park holds fun and challenges for children of all ages, and even the parents can become short of breath when climbing Denmark's tallest COROCORD Spacenet.

The Egeskov castle is history dating back to 1554. The Play Forest is the history of KOMPAN. This area displays some of KOMPAN's early MOMENTS play structures dating back 30 years and some of the most recent and innovative play structures like the global bestselling COROCORD Spacenet. 

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When we want to renew our playground, we just take the existing products and create small satellite playgrounds all over Egeskov. There is really nothing wrong with the products we replace, even after 15 years. We have just re-installed a 15-year-old play structure near our café. It is really amazing to have this opportunity. 

Michael Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille, Count - Egeskov Castle, Denmark

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A place for all ages to meet, be active and socialize

In the Play Forest you will find fun and challenges for both children and adults. Children playing here are sure to grow important life skills. 

The Egeskov Castle playgrounds offer a wide variety of KOMPAN products, and thereby bring tons of play situations and scenarios to life. 

From the thrilling climbing on the highest climbing net in all of the kingdom of Denmark to the hours of play enabled by the pirateship, the five-way swings, the spinner bowls, the play structures and the Castle maze. 

There is something for everybody and for all ages. From toddlers to teenagers - this castle holds play for all.

Freude an Bewegung: Motorik, Muskeln, Kardio und Knochendichte
Freude an Bewegung: Neugierde, Verständnis für kausale Zusammenhänge und Allgemeinwissen
Freude an Bewegung: Teamwork, Toleranz und Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl
Freude an Bewegung: Gemeinsames Gestalten und Experimentieren mit Materialien

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