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Playground to support high quality learning

Finland is known for having the best educational system in the world. A focus on quality in learning that becomes truly evident in this new play area at a school and daycare centre in Kuopio, Finland. Nothing here is left to chance - the school playground is no exception. The large area surrounding the school is carefully designed with play and activity zones, each dedicated to stimulate important skills in the kids, burn off excess energy and form a healthy foundation for learning. The area is realized using a public-private partnership model (PPP) where the contractor is responsible for maintaining the play area for 20 years. Quality and durability of the play products are therefore also of pivotal importance for the contractor. As a many years KOMPAN customer, the municipality of Kuopio was soon to agree on using KOMPAN as their supplier for the site.

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Every break time, there are lots of eager young faces everywhere. They just love playing here.

Anniina Pyykönen, Teacher - Hiltulanlahti school

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Play with a purpose

Every play item at this playground has been handpicked for its play value and ability to support child development and learning. All items offer more than what meets the eye. Apart from giving kids the fun element of swinging, the five way swing offers a unique sense of community as friends face each other in a circle as they swing. This swing trains the kids’ vestibular system, language and social skills. The Multi Use Games area forms an environment for rough and tumble play and physical activity. The kids can play all types of ball games here and train their physical skills, team spirit and burn off excess energy during recess. The Supernova carousel is a fun challenge for the kids, and mastering the carousel as it turns, takes balance, coordination skills, stamina and a little bit of courage. The youngest kids can train their cross-coordination skills on various climbing nets, and the large four tower play structure offers various climbing experiences and two bridges to cross. All play items are both physical and social based on the school's philosophy that the classmate you touch and play with, you will not bully.

Freude an Bewegung: Motorik, Muskeln, Kardio und Knochendichte
Freude an Bewegung: Neugierde, Verständnis für kausale Zusammenhänge und Allgemeinwissen
Freude an Bewegung: Teamwork, Toleranz und Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl
Freude an Bewegung: Gemeinsames Gestalten und Experimentieren mit Materialien

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