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Custom Playground Equipment

kompan design studio custom playgrounds and landmarks

Your imagination turned into a landmark

Through the expertise of dedicated experts in KOMPAN Design Studio, KOMPAN helps to transform your wildest imagination into playmazing landmarks that just make people say - wow!

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Let's customize

1. Finding the perfect concept

2. Researching the concept

3. Sketching design ideas

4. Loaded with play

5. Building the play sculpture

6. Installation

Customized playspaces

Artistic design and fun for the kids

The art is not so much making a landmark look nice. The true art lies in making the landmark look amazing while being just as amazing to play on. 

That's why we use a two-layer approach to design. The design should delight adults and its surrounding environment AND exhilarate kids with a large amount of play value incorporated in the designs. 

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