Across the world, people are moving outside to be active. Especially, the last years we have seen a big increase. So cities, communities, sports club, housing organizations, etc. are building outdoor fitness & sports areas for inhabitants and members.


Gyms that want to provide their members the option to use outdoor fitness equipment while getting a truly challenging exercise. Sports clubs that want the broad audience of members to have a motivating obstacle course as an option. Municipalities that want to make outdoor fitness available to everybody in the proximity of residential areas. Cities that want to make sports courts available outdoors for teenagers and adults to play basketball, soccer, hockey, etc. Senior living housings that want their residents to stay active and have an active senior life.

To make children DEVELOP, we design our playground equipment to improve physical, cognitive, creative, and social/emotional skills in order to build key life skills and friendships. For adults, our outdoor fitness equipment is progressively challenging and purposefully resistant. This way all users, no matter how fit they are to begin with, get a meaningful workout. Making communities happier and healthier is in our DNA.


Available in several designs and materials. So you can get obstacle courses and street workout in Robinia wood to have a natural look in the nature or bring nature into an urban environment.

Made for the outdoor At KOMPAN we build outdoor activity areas for more than 50 years. So we use the toughest materials to make sure that our solutions will stand the test of weather and usage for decades to come.


Re-thinking, reflecting, refreshing

Most of the great sports of the world, soccer, tennis, golf, rugby, athletics, rely on one common platform; being played outdoors. It’s not just the space, it is the atmosphere they are played in. Fresh air is an invaluable asset in making the body perform better, the natural partner to exercise and feeling good.

With dedication you get fit in a gym, but, bottled-up inside, you miss the extra challenge and stimulation of nature. The sun on your back, the breeze on your face, even the refreshing drop of rain, turns vigour into invigorating. We talk about the benefits of clean mountain air, the bracing sea breeze, and then used to deride the quality of inner-city air. Environmental awareness has put a filter into urban life opening up the opportunities of sport and exercise literally on our doorsteps. 

KOMPAN’s range of outdoor fitness equipment is the result of conjunctive research between a team of in-house fitness experts and the University of Southern Denmark. They have taken their observations, studies and recommendations to engineers who have responded with the first series of equipment that performs to the level of indoor equipment, outdoors. All products are supported by the KOMPAN Sports and Fitness app which helps guide, mentor and measure performance.   

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