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WOW: “Wow, where should I start?!” The enormous versatility in play activities gives children a positive sense of being overwhelmed. Playing here will truly bring out their natural desire to go and explore their body and mind. Children can play in many ways and going from one thrill to the next is just pure wow

STAY: The play activities are designed to meet any mood or energy level, which allows children to constantly find something to play with. The Creator and the Originator allow children to climb, bounce, and slide, thus burning off energy. The 3-seater Carousel calls for a rest in between play swinging and spinning with friends. The hammock and music panel can give a rest while gathering new energy.

DEVELOP: Jump, climb, crawl, sway, spin, swing. Natural joys for the children and great ways to grow motor skills. This playground is loaded with play that will help keep children active and grow vital life skills. Climbing requires cross-coordination skills, which help develop the brain. Spinning can help children improve mathematical skills.

Let’s play

Gioia del movimento: capacità motorie, muscolari, cardio e densità ossea
Gioia di apprendere: curiosità, comprensione delle relazioni causali e conoscenza del mondo
Gioia di stare insieme: lavoro di squadra, tolleranza e senso di appartenenza
Gioia di creare: co-creazione e sperimentazione di materiali

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