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The Smart Playground™ (DIGITAL)

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The fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen brought to life

Once upon a time, there was a classic playground. Today, you can experience the evolution of playgrounds through The Smart Playground™. The commercial Smart Playground™ draws on the beautiful fairytales from one of the greatest storytellers, Hans Christian Andersen. The Hans Christian Andersen-themed play equipment works as standalone playground structures for toddlers or with a virtual, interactive digital layer. Age-appropriate interactive playground equipment lays the groundwork for a solid basis for language stimulation and many exciting adventures.

Smart playgrounds allow adults and children to share learning and cultural experiences in a world of life-guiding classical fairy tales. From the outset, this is no ugly duckling. Stories that inspired and enlightened in the 1840s are alive and interactive in the 21st century, turning famous fairy tales into outdoor play structures, digital entertainment, and fun.

From the Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling to Tinderbox – we bring you a unique combination of a fairytale playground with physical and online play. Let the adventure begin.

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The Smart Playground™ (DIGITAL)

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Digital Playgrounds vs. physical playgrounds 

We live in different times. Young minds seem to race faster than they ever have, and young legs move less frequently than they have ever done. The lure of the screen has led to a potentially damaging, sedentary lifestyle, full of communication but short on face-to-face interaction. The click of a mouse, the wobble of the joystick, and the finger on the touchscreen, valuable tools for success in our technological age, do not replace free movement and expression in the open air. 

However, as technology is such a big part of children's lives, children will embrace this range of interactive playground equipment, whether digitally or physically, and they can let their imaginations run wild through electronic playground equipment. 

Three Key Elements for SMART Playground™

When the fascinating themes of fairy tales are turned into outdoor play designs, combined with age-appropriate physical challenges paired with a complete digital package of fairy tales and virtual games, you support learning, edutainment, and fun.

Themed Play structure

The colorful-themed playground structures have two fairy tales in one product, offering age-appropriate physical challenges for younger children (1-4) and older (2-8).

  • Facilitate free, guided and instructed play

  • Social inclusion (digital layer gives additional ground level activities)

  • Durable material (steel/plastic), 100% non-wood products (vandalism resistant, wear & tear resistant)

  • Low installation and maintenance costs.

The Fairy Tales

  • Unite children and adults through a typical reference frame -  facilitating child/adult interaction

  • Strongly appeal to children. They are designed for the "child's world"

     (in eye height with children)

  • Spark role play and imagination (kick starts play and interaction for children).

  • Enormous storytelling appeal - Sparks active use of language (keeps the play going on and on)

  • Add educational content to play

Digital Content

A link between the physical and virtual world is created by using Apps downloaded for free to your tablet or smartphone. The Apps offer you, on the spot, the popular fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen to read or read out loud in 16 different languages. We have used children's interest in technology to encourage them to fall in love with outdoor play once more. The games are edutainment, charmingly fun and help spark children's imagination in the Playground.

  • Bring your smartphone or tablet to the playground

  • Scan the QR code on the playground structure with your smartphone

  • You will be taken to your App Store to download the KOMPAN App

The KOMPAN H.C. Andersen App 

To engage digitally with the SMART Playground™, download The H.C. Andersen App from your App Store or Android. Here, you'll find three digital games supporting learning, edutaining and fun from the age of 4+.  

H.C. Andersen Play Along App 

Set around famous, recognisable H.C Andersen themes, younger children can interact with the Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling and Tinderbox characters. The fairytales unfold as the child interacts and trains hand-eye coordination skills while learning about some of the most iconic fairytales of our time. A multitouch function allows two players to play simultaneously. This game is safe as it does not offer in-game purchases or affiliate links. 

H.C. Andersen Tale Run App 

Run, swim and jump through the beautiful universe from the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen: The Ugly Duckling, The Little Mermaid and The Tinderbox.  You can play three iconic characters, one from each fairy tale. Run through the duck yard as The Ugly Duckling transforms from an ostracised grey little duckling to a beautiful white swan. 

H.C. Andersen Read Along App 

In this App, you can read, listen to and follow text, images and read-aloud versions of the beautiful fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen: The Ugly Duckling, The Little Mermaid and The Tinderbox. See the animated stories unfold in front of your eyes while you read them with your kids, or follow the images and text while reading them aloud in English – or one of the other 14 language versions. 


  • Parents and teachers can also facilitate and guide play. They can encourage children to re-enact, role play and carry out learning activities

  • The downloadable 'SMART Playground™ Teachers Guide' includes interactive games that improve children's learning, including reading, speaking, listening, and writing

Frequently asked questions

What is the lead time for units?

Unit lead time is approximately 4-6 weeks - when an order is placed, we will receive an accurate date from our production department, and our contracts department will be in touch with regular updates. 

Is it possible to make changes to the units?

Some changes are possible - our design team will be able to advise on what changes can be made. 

What budget do I need for this range?

Equipment prices vary from unit to unit - our sales team can help advise on budgets and the work needed to complete your play area.