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Ship playground sets – Pirate Ships by KOMPAN

Picking up crayons, one of the first things a child will draw is a house or a tree; then, they move on to ships. The ship is seen as a vehicle for adventures, storytelling, and playful escapism through the youngest of eyes. Our range of ship playground equipment has two distinct ‘fleets’, one being the Robinia Ships, where we take the individuality of the natural wood to create expansive one-off play features. Then there is the selection of ship playground equipment below that targets younger buccaneers with its inviting crisp, clean lines. 

Children clamber on board from the compact Caravelle to the sizeable Intrepid for a piratical adventure. A voyage into the oceans of fantasy that fill their minds. In the process, they develop communication, see the need for teamwork, build young muscles with every story-filled movement and increase bone density. Whether you go for boat playground equipment or a pirate ship park, ship playground sets are playful journeys of high adventure on the high seas or maybe just off the High Street. 

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The Benefits of Pirate Ship Playgrounds 

Commercial pirate ship playground equipment is built from components, so it is possible to adjust the format to best fit in with the location. For instance, keeping the more active side facing the most sun-filled position or even pointing the ship in the most visually enticing direction helps add to the drawing power and attraction. 

Creative and themed play helps build language and communication skills and encourages and improves teamwork. When kids play, they develop games realising that they have to work together to get the most out of the moment. And what better way to adventure the outdoors than to a playground with a wrecked ship? Through fun, children develop skills that will help them throughout their lives. If you are on the hunt for other themed play systems, check out our castle playground sets, GIANT play towers or fairy tale playground.

The Power of Outdoor Playgrounds 

Outdoor play is amongst the best and most valuable forms of development activity. The events of 2020 have underlined just what it means to be without it. If there are any positives from the global lockdown, it is in the realisation of what it means to get out and enjoy life and the importance of fresh air in terms of essential health. The value of the playground has never been so understood. 

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FAQ about our playground ships

Do people only place Ship playgrounds in coastal locations?

Most certainly not. The sense of excitement in piratical adventure does not stop at the seaside. It’s a bit like thinking a space themed park can only work next to a launch site.

Are the ship designs available in the brochure the only ones?

No. The ships are in component parts so can be adapted by colour, length and play features. KOMPAN has built its reputation on listening to clients and observing how children best like to play.

If we wanted a ship, how long would it take KOMPAN to launch it?

Shipment from factory is within 20 working days. After local installation, your playground is ready…