Design idea

Schoolyard Magnet

A magnet for school-agers

WOW: The bell rings and within minutes the schoolyard is packed with children looking to use their bodies between lessons. The large Triple Tower play structure invites children to come and slide, climb and get a full view of the schoolyard. The dynamic play equipment gives children the hilarious dizzying feeling that comes from rotating, spinning and swinging.

STAY: A Schoolyard Magnet offers numerous play activities, allowing many children to play together simultaneously – and at an age appropriate level. Children can take on the physical challenge of climbing the Tower or go for a fun break on the Swing with a friend.

DEVELOP: Swinging and spinning are two of children’s absolute favourites. They are not only fun activities, they are also hugely important for the child’s development. Swinging, spinning and jumping train the child’s sense of balance and spatial awareness – ultimately helping the child to read and concentrate. The large play structure trains the child’s motor skills and body strength. You can check out our guide on how to budget for a playground to see an approximately cost for a design like this.

Let's Play!

Joy of movement: motor skills, muscle, cardio and bone density
Joy of learning: curiosity, understanding of causal relationships and knowledge of the world
Joy of being together: teamwork, tolerance and sense of belonging
Joy of creating: co-creation and experimenting with materials


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