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One of 50 inclusive playgrounds in Germany

After five years of fundraising and establishing inclusive playgrounds in Germany, 50 new playgrounds have been created nationwide. Aktion Mensch, the largest private foundation organization in the social sector in Germany, finances the Stück zum Glück (Piece of Happiness) project together with Procter & Gamble and REWE. The organization came about because children with disabilities in Germany rarely have access to playgrounds and the idea is to show good examples of playgrounds for all children.

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"Children with and without disabilities like playful challenges and simply want to play with their friends. By playing together, children develop their physical skills and learn naturally. From the beginning, diversity is normal."

Christina Marx - Member of the management board, Aktion Mensch

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A rich variation in play activities

The 50 playgrounds from Stück zum Glück are special, as less than 2.2% of German playgrounds have inclusive and accessible play equipment. 80% of German playgrounds do not provide space for play interaction between children with and without disabilities. This is the conclusion of the study “Inclusion in German Playgrounds” made by the FIBS Research Institute of Inclusion through Physical Activity and Sport and Aktion Mensch.

Based on the study, Aktion Mensch has published a set of playground recommendations. The main points are:

  1. The playground and play equipment should be independently usable for all children, regardless of whether they have a disability or not.

  2. There should be varied play equipment so that all users can find something to play with – unassisted if desired – and so that everyone has the opportunity to play together.

  3. The playground location and layout should consider all users, e.g. in terms of parking, toilets and rest points in close proximity.

  4. From the start: people with disabilities should be involved in the development and implementation of the playground.

Joy of movement: motor skills, muscle, cardio and bone density
Joy of being together: teamwork, tolerance and sense of belonging
Joy of learning: curiosity, understanding of causal relationships and knowledge of the world

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