Robinia Themed Play

Imaginative play with Robinia Themed Units

By using themed play units in your playground you are encouraging young minds to develop and role play. The themed units show familiar activities such as petrol pumps, boats and animals all of which encourage children to develop their own games and communicate with each other.

Robinia is our preferred material for our nature products and the Robinia tree is a high performing tree that grows in poor soils, flowers to be a source of Acadia honey and its leaves breathe out Co2. The timber is fine-grained and strong - making it the perfect material for long lasting play equipment.

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Our range of products is extensive and it can be hard to decide what best suits your budget and site. Our design and sales team have many years experience in the playground industry and can help advise you on equipment and surfacing choices.

What treatment does the wood need?

Robinia is a tight grained hardwood that has a natural quality that resists rot and pest - our play sculptures have FSC certification that are availble on request. A copy of our warranty is available - contact our office for more information.