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Design idea of a schoolyard with multi ball games areas

Active school yard where kids burn energy, socialise and grow friendships

A KOMPAN Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) is designed as a flexible system to fit any environment. The intelligent design allows the MUGAs to host many kinds of games such as football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, tennis, handball, badminton… the list goes on. Ball sport areas in schools are popular, and both teachers and children are enthusiastic about them. The teachers uniformly say that the pitches have meant more physical activity with fewer conflicts during breaks. The pitches have also had the effect of increased concentration and willingness to learn amongst the children in the classroom. And the children? They are just extremely happy to have what is their right – an open invitation to fun and play! The fully flat inside of the MUGAs will keep the ball in play, thus intensifying the ball game as there are fewer involuntary breaks. And at the same time, children not playing in the MUGA will not be disturbed by balls flying outside the MUGA.

Design idea is for conceptual purposes only

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MUGA, 11x15m, Steel


MUGA, 11x15m, Steel

3+ Years

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