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There's no better way to transition between beloved playground activities than by taking a playful bounce! Bouncing playground equipment often goes unnoticed amidst the vibrant play area, much like inconspicuous rubber mats patiently awaiting their turn to shine. However, once discovered, they hold an irresistible allure, transforming children into joyful, bounding bunnies in a meadow. Whether in square or circular shapes and varying sizes, these equipment pieces offer endless possibilities for engaging jumping games. Their immediate response to a child's movements serves as a captivating incentive, encouraging continuous bouncing.

So, let's leap into the fun – jump up, jump down, and explore our diverse range of bouncy playground equipment.

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The Advantages of Bouncy Playground Equipment

When it comes to planning a playground, bouncy playground equipment stands as a valuable tool for seamlessly connecting various themes and bridging the gaps between different aspects of play. Moreover, jumper equipment has the potential to infuse a dose of excitement and diversity into fitness routines and circuit training sessions. It's widely acknowledged that outdoor play is one of the most valuable forms of developmental activity for children.

Bouncing for a while on a KOMPAN Jumper can be an incredibly enjoyable way to enhance motor skills such as rhythm, balance, and proprioception. Proprioception is the mechanism through which our nervous system gathers information about our movements and adjusts accordingly, functioning somewhat like an inbuilt gyro system. Through jumping, children can enhance their balance and coordination.

Inclusive Bouncy Playground Equipment

Our jumper equipment features inclined tiles that facilitate inclusive play, enabling children in wheelchairs to independently access and exit these play areas. You have the choice between square or circular bouncy playground equipment, both of which create ideal spaces for bouncing and promote social interaction among children of all abilities.

If you'd like to learn more about any of KOMPAN's products or services or want to open the door to outdoor play opportunities, please don't hesitate to reach out to us today. We're here to assist you.


How many children can play on a Jumper at once?

Jumpers are generally for solo play, but with multiple units installed nearby, or when children are encouraged to take turns, it's loads of fun.

Can wheelchairs and assistive devices be used on a Jumper?

Small ramps allow access and exit from the Jumpers, improving the accessibility.

For an EPDM surfacing design, can Jumpers be added?

By omitting edge tiles, the Jumpers can be ordered for in-situ EPDM surfacing.