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Physical Challenge

A thrilling playground

WOW: Thrill is a key motivator for physical play, and this play area is designed to let children enjoy many different kinds of exhilarating activities in one area. The Cliff Rider is immensely fun and gives a rush of energy with each turn. Imagine stepping on to a ledge, looking down a steep cliff and trying to gather up the courage to leap across the gap to the other side. That’s the play scenario children face on the Cliff Rider.

STAY: The Physical Challenge solution offers thrill in different ways – spinning thrill on the Multispinner Carousel, seesawing thrill on the WeHopper, and pushing and gliding thrill on the Cliff Rider. A thrill for every liking and ability. Children can go from one thrill to the next and be absorbed in play for hours.

DEVELOP: Physical play adds to children’s physical health by getting them active. While being active, they grow vital physical skills like their sense of balance, spatial awareness and motor skills. Gliding with the Cliff Rider takes courage and enhances children’s self-esteem. Children need the dizzying input that comes from swinging and spinning as it helps the child’s nervous system to mature.

Let’s play

Joy of movement: motor skills, muscle, cardio and bone density
Joy of being together: teamwork, tolerance and sense of belonging


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