Wow, stay, develop

Play the KOMPAN way

Described in three simple words: WOW, STAY, DEVELOP

KOMPAN’s unique solutions attract more users, have them stay longer, and make them return again and again. Because whatever we develop, we develop together with our users. WOW, STAY, DEVELOP are three distinct factors that are incorporated into every KOMPAN solution and are revealed in the happy faces of each new generation. Play is the open door to the future.

WOW factor

A pair of eyes open wide, a jaw to the floor, a gasp of excitement, legs jittering in anticipation. This is the WOW Factor, the moment a child arrives at a KOMPAN playground knowing it’s different from the rest. It satisfies the child’s instinctive demand for change, variety and advancement. The constant demand for something new and exciting is satisfied (for now) by triggering that initial WOW.

STAY factor

“Oh no, not yet!” is what we love to hear most when a carer suggests leaving a KOMPAN site. It epitomises the STAY Factor. Each time a play feature is approached, it should be a fresh encounter, open to new interpretation. The STAY Factor nurtures social interaction, inspiring children of all ages and abilities to stay and play longer.

DEVELOP factor

Play is all about fun, right? Not entirely. Beyond the laughter and squeals of joy is development: personal, cooperative and competitive. The DEVELOP Factor is the endless mission of the KOMPAN Play Institute experts. These specialists craft ways of developing motor skills, coordination and balance. Intellectual learning is equally vital – cognitive development, communication, language expansion and understanding of how to turn an idea into a successful outcome.

Wow, stay, develop

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