Low carbon swing sets

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Children on playground with swings

Swings with a 60% lower carbon emission footprint

The playground evergreen swings are now available in a sustainably conscious version manufactured using textile waste and post-consumer waste sources. 

*the stated 60% is CO₂e/kg

Low carbon - how?

Posts of textile waste

The posts on the swing set are uniquely designed from textile waste. A new ground-breaking innovation in sustainably conscious playgrounds - we call it TexMade™. Texmade™ posts have a 60% lower carbon emission footprint than traditional steel posts.

Birds nest swing seat from kompan

Swing seat of post-consumer waste

The bird's nest swing seat is made of 25% post-consumer recycled waste and has a lower carbon emission footprint than traditional swing seats.

How we craft our textile playground posts

Designed to last

Swinging is an intense play activity that demands high strength in the play equipment. The new swings have been carefully engineered in design and materials to meet the demand and comply with the usual KOMPAN quality. We offer a 10-year warranty on these swings.

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