Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Outdoor Fitness Sites

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October 26, 2022

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6am, 10am and 7pm


30 minutes





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Want to get the most value out of your outdoor fitness site? Then this webinar is for you. KOMPAN's outdoor fitness expert, will teach you how to avoid the most common mistakes, which results in poorly designed outdoor fitness sites.

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Presented by

Rob Boogmans

Fitness Concept Director

Educated within physical therapy and personal training, and over 20 years of fitness experience, Rob is one of KOMPANs fitness experts. Rob has been a pioneer within outdoor fitness since 2008 when he founded Standing-Strong Outdoor Fitness. Rob has been a part of the KOMPAN family since 2014 when Standing-Strong and KOMPAN merged to create KOMPAN Fitness Institute, which is now widely recognized as the most innovative company in outdoor fitness.

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