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Science behind: How does the cross trainer work?

How does the KOMPAN cross trainer work

Cross trainers are also referred to as ellipticals because of the elliptical motion created by the feet. However – on many indoor cross trainers this elliptical motion is rarely optimized and sometimes even tends to be linear.  On the KOMPAN Cross Trainer, the ellipse is carefully optimized towards the ability to use bodyweight and leg muscles in the work-producing phase of the ellipse (downwards – backwards). Together with a large flywheel and a large hand stroke, this maximizes the work that can be done and minimizes discomfort.

White paper

Science behind: How does the cross trainer work

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The KOMPAN Cross Trainer has an optimized movement pattern that allows for effective engagement of all major muscle groups. The specially developed sprint mode dramatically increases activation of the thighs and buttocks, documented by EMG measurements. The optimized movement pattern, together with the adjustable resistance, allows for training intensities from very low to very high, as verified in the lab with direct measurement of oxygen uptake.

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