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Outdoor fitness equipment for playgrounds

A commercial fitness playground comprises outdoor exercise equipment perfect for schoolyards. Fitness Playground equipment is an introduction to flexing every muscle with irresistibly fun challenges. Fitness Playgrounds for kids enable daily physical activity that enhances physical benefits and improves mental and cognitive function for school-agers between the ages of 8-15. Outdoor exercise equipment is the perfect place for older kids to burn off energy during gym classes, where outdoor fitness playgrounds support school PE programs. Introducing school kids to physical fitness equipment is an excellent way for children to have fun, thus, pairing exercise with a good time. Also, outdoor Fitness Equipment combines fun and fitness in the fresh air and engages children in physical activities in an outdoor environment, so they benefit from fresh air and sunshine. 

The range of commercial fitness playgrounds consists of sit-up benches, obstacle courses, leg lifts, and pull-up bars, to name a few well-known exercises from the indoor fitness centre.  

Explore our range of fitness playgrounds for kids and bring play back to fitness.

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Fitness Playgrounds

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What are the benefits of an outdoor Fitness Playground? 

Establishing a healthy exercise foundation early on is critical to improving children's overall health. Children need physical activity to build strength, coordination, balance, and outdoor fitness equipment helps develop essential motor skills and promote strength and agility. As children grow older, they are still attracted to 'play'ground if they are challenging enough and placed away from play areas for younger kids. Challenging playground structures will be even more popular if they are equipped with social hangout spots. However, we also see a transition where older school kids look to adult fitness and more challenging levels of exercise.  

Outdoor Fitness Playgrounds for Schools 

Introducing a smooth transition from play to fitness in schools makes sense, as free play is most important in childhood. In contrast, physical training, strength and cardio become more important in adolescence. However, research also suggests that tweens actually do like to play, so we would always recommend a combination of challenging play systems, e.g., our Corocord™ rope playgrounds and fitness playgrounds to cater for physical activity that fits all levels and needs. This range of fitness playground equipment is just as good as our fitness range for adults but specifically certified for playgrounds. Our range of outdoor fitness equipment offers an opportunity to provide frictionless transitions between activity themes during the school day–and they are great for older students at institutions specifically because they don't "play" per se. 

Adaptable Fitness and Exercise Equipment 

Fitness playgrounds are not only suitable for schools or institutions. Because they are "modular" in a way, they can easily be customised to the children's exact age or physical activity needs - e.g., large complex ones for PE classes at School or compact local ones for communities aiming to increase activity in local youth. That is why we see the Fitness' playgrounds solutions suitable for various locations - parks, recreation centres, and public spaces - not just because they are resistant, durable, and safe but also because they are visually appealing. You can customise the steel bars with flexible colour options to fit the surrounding area or your corporate brand identity. 

Contact your local play consultant for more information on configurable fitness and sports equipment options. We are more than happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Fitness Playgrounds safe?

Yes, they are. Commercial-grade fitness equipment for playgrounds complies with stringent safety standards. This range of fitness equipment is certified explicitly for playgrounds. The equipment is made of the highest quality commercial-grade materials, safe from a practical perspective, not just on paper. The equipment has a slip-resistant and comfortable grip, and the fall heights are suitable for children and are installed with safety surfacing. 

Are Fitness Playgrounds for pre-schoolers?

The recommended age group for fitness playgrounds is 8+. Therefore, we do not recommend fitness playgrounds for pre-schoolers.

Can I customise the Fitness Playground?

As the fitness range for playgroundscomprisesfreestanding units, you can choose elements suitable for your designated area. They have the same flexibility in terms of colour variation as our adult fitness range, and you can customise the colours of the steel bars for vibrant expressions that match your preferred aesthetic.