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Robinia Play, Act and Learn

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Classrooms without walls, learning without boundaries

The Robinia Play, Act & Learn series is the KOMPAN approach to sensory, ground-based play for the youngest children as they move towards school. The concept takes teaching classics like the blackboard, music, theater and places them outdoors, creating a fresh-air classroom, wrapped in the welcoming tactile quality of Robinia. As a platform for pre-school development it introduces the concept of formal learning in an informal way. For the young playmates, from day one, learning is associated with fun.

Life is a series of transitions, the Robinia Play, Act & Learn, empowers children through one of the earliest, the giant step from toddler to young child. It is the ultimate play starter, taking children through a sensory and creative world of play with activities to stimulate their cognitive creative and social skills.  A child’s first experience of formal learning need not be tied to a desk.

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Деревня Robinia

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Замки Robinia

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Корабли Robinia

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Лазание Robinia

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Полоса Препятствий Robinia

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Балансирование Robinia

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Игровые Системы Robinia

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Игры с Песком и Водой Robinia

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Качели Robinia

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Пружинные Качалки Robinia

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Игровые Хижины и Домики

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Динамика Robinia

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Robinia Игра, Представление и Обучение

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Тематические Игры Robinia

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Навесы и Мебель Robinia

Robinia Cableways

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Натуральная Твердая Древесина

Robinia Play Panels

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Игровые Скульптуры Robinia

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