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Seven Seas

A Seafront

WOW: A Seafront is a complete water theme made to bring the notion of water play into parks and urban areas, or to prolong the water feeling from a nearby sea. A Seafront theme lets children of all ages imagine the wonderful world of water without even getting wet.

STAY: The children can go have fun with the dolphins and their friends on the Seesaw and Springers or conquer the Seven Seas on board the pirate ship. Or perhaps they can challenge each other to reach the top of the Ocean Giant first? Whatever activity, one thing is for sure – the variety in the play activities will keep the children absorbed in play for hours.

DEVELOP: A Seafront offers play activities for children of all ages. Physical challenges such as climbing, spinning and swinging strengthen the children’s sense of balance, crosscoordination skills and spatial awareness. Skills that will ultimately help children gain body confidence and make them able to sit still and concentrate. Dramatic play in the pirate ship stimulates social and cognitive skills and language development.

Let’s play

Joy of movement: motor skills, muscle, cardio and bone density
Joy of being together: teamwork, tolerance and sense of belonging
Joy of creating: co-creation and experimenting with materials


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