Castle Watch Tower

A lot of play in little space: The Castle Watch Tower will inspire young children to play actively again and again. The scaled entry points offer a variety of ways to get to the top of the tower. The climber access provides an age-appropriate challenge to strengthen muscles and help develop cross-coordination skills. This enhances children's abilities to use both sides of their brain, and supports the internal structures that enable reading and thinking. On the platform, a balcony invites for a view of the playground. The slide or fireman's pole offer thrilling exits. The higher fireman's pole is for dare devils, training the sense of space when holding tight, going down fast. Sliding supports posture and balance, the fundament for all other physical skills. Under the platform a swaying hammock invite for a soothing break. The door enforces the castle cellar feeling and invites dramatic play. This stimulates language development. In young children the door is an obstacle that stimulates the understanding of object permanence and spurs hiding games.