Palace, Fortress, Bridge & Net Tower

WOW! The Palace & Fortress themes hugely appeal to children’s urges for dramatic play stories. The rich variety of physical play activities makes this a magnet for children wanting ful filled play times. The ground level den, or dungeon invites a break with friends. There is a lion side and a unicorn side, inspiring play stories and fantasy characters. Thanks to the two-sided panels, themes, and the wide accessible stairway, this is play for all, the whole way round the structure. The wide choice of climbing elements of varied difficulty train motor skills, such as cross-coordination. The slides train balance. These motor skills are important for navigating the world confidently. There are many meeting points so the social play invitation in the Palace and Fortress is immense, with rich, dramatic play motivation, thanks to the theme. Here all children can meet, greet and play, making friends for life.